The reason why people rush to offer money to buy a watch is complicated. One of the important features is that paranoid pursues to a kind of extreme reflecting a spirit that is touched by people. People can be distinguished from animals, and rich emotions are significant reasons. The watch pursues the ultimate spirit for the user is a spirit of great motivation. Tourbillion watch has a prestigious in the field of watchmaking.

However, everyone knows that the Tourbillon is a good thing. But, what exactly is it? Let’s take a look.

Because the spring in the escapement system will be affected by tightness and metal fatigue, then the law of oscillation of the balance wheel is also affected by gravity, so the error of the ordinary mechanical watch is large. The escapement speed control device of the Tourbillon plays a considerable role in overcoming the aforementioned series of influences. Especially in the era of pocket watches, this kind of rotary escapement mechanism greatly improved the accuracy of timepieces. Although it also needs to face more changes in position for today’s watches, the ability of the Tourbillon to adjust its accuracy has diminished. However, the Tourbillon is still a top watchmaking craft and is sought after by most fans who love mechanical watchmaking.

The idea of the Tourbillon is to place the escapement of the core of the watch within a carriage centering the frame around the axis—that is to say, the axis of the balance wheel regularly rotates 360 degrees. In this way, the original escapement was fixed, so that when the watch was left in place, the escapement remained unchanged resulting in errors in the escapement of the escapement. When the escapement rotates 360 degrees, it will combine the bearing errors of the parts and cancel each other, thus minimizing the error. At present, most Tourbillon turn around in one minute 360 degrees which is also recognized as the ideal rotation speed in the industry.

So let’s look at this Bvlgari B.B Tourbillon watch and intuitively appreciate its charm. Though it is a replica, it still need to own for its high-quality and the same appearance.

Rose gold material matches black leather improve it to a top classic and gentle standard. Simple and tidy black dial is quite suit for a businessmen who enjoy a unique life. Double Bvlgari logo engraved surround on the rose gold bezel. There is a sharp contrast among the bezel, strap and the polished Swiss 316L Steel lugs opening a new fashion world. Refinement black leather strap offers the owner a comfortable experience.

Technique detail

Gender: Men
Movement: Kinetic(Automatic)
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Arabic & Stick
Dial color: Black
Case diameter: 41mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 13mm
Bezel: Round 18k gold plated bezel engraved with Bvlgari on
Crown: 18k gold plated crown domed with one black stone
Back: Sapphire crystal snap watch back
Band color: Black
Band type:Genuine Leather
Band length: 195*20mm
Glows in The Dark: No


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