Watches are an important element for people to show their taste and temperament. Everyone should own a watch of their own. The price of abound with well-known watch brands is naturally very expensive making it difficult for ordinary people to accept. However, high price does not mean that it is suitable. You have to select a wonderful wrist watch that fits you, more significant, the appearance is good also. Now let’s share some of the ways to choose a watch and everyone can make a reference.

  • First, the choice of a watch actually requires you to choose according to your temperament. Tall and strong person should choose a large dial watch that is rough in the shape and style, and you can even have an alternative that looks like a military watch. For those who are smaller in size, they should choose smaller and thinner watches that may reflect the cute of themselves. Frankly speaking, general body type is easy to choose, occasional large dial watches can increase people’s tough momentum, and small size watches can look humble and introverted. Then combine your own skin color, style, and occasion to choose your own watch.
  • Second, we must decide according to our own specific work. For example, if your work environment is relatively dusty, then you must choose a dust-resist watch. While, If the working environment is relatively humid choosing a moisture-proof watch is necessary so that the watch you own can be used for a long time.

  • Mostly, buying a watch is not necessarily expensive, it is the best. In fact, all kinds of watches have different uses, each type of watch will fit a kind of crowd. Choosing your own economic situation is also a key to buying a watch. Such as the following Bvlgari B.Zero1 white dial watch. Even if it is a replica watch, it cannot stop the urge to choose it.

Surrounded by the diamonds bezel, the white dial with pure diamonds markers seems luxury. 25mm diameter dial suit my charm well. 165*6mm band length can match my wrist like a bracelet. Due the movement is Quartz(Battery) Kinetic, so i don’t need to operate the crown to adjust the time for several months. It is indeed a kind of welfare for lazy people.

Technique detail

Gender: Women
Movement: Quartz(Battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Diamonds
Dial color: White
Case diameter: 25mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 10mm
Bezel: Polished stainless steel bezel decorated with shining diamonds
Crown: Polished stainless steel push crown on the back
Back: Polished Stainless steel push back
Band color: Black
Band type:316L Stainless Steel
Band length: 165*6mm
Glows in The Dark: No

Watches vary from each person. According to personal preferences, prices to choose their own watches, not just the pursuit of the brand.


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