The light is an intangible thing, however, it is able to bring hope and sustenance to people. As a famous Italian watch brand, BVLGARI transforms this magical light into wrist art. Searching for the inspiration from nature, this replica watch sets off the feminine beauty. This fake watch of Lvcea series records the flow of time taking a simple method.

Every lady has a noble heart and is adept in discovering the soul of beauty. Nevertheless, the Bvlgari is just about combining the Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance, and artistic inspiration so as to create a unique style. It is also true that the Lvcea wrist show turns into a woman’s wrist elf, swaying romantically between gestures.

White dial with diamond hour markets brilliants colors
The watch is designed with a round case and a light base. Combining a series of light with unique style, this replica LVCEA watch in the soft beauty highlights the unique personality charm.

Swiss 316L Steel Case,18-ct pink gold bezel

Continuing the beautiful legends of Bvlgari, Lvcea series makes the classics eternal.  With the rotation of the wrist, 33 mm diameter Swiss 316L steel case containing the time flow shines with the rotation of the wrist. The elegant lines of the case and the creation of two different materials make the fake watch excyde elegant and noble temperament.

11diamond markers and 18-ct Pink Gold Hands

Clean white dial refracts the natural luster. The silky surface is like flowing silk reflecting a elegant and moving experience.
Dial design is simple and refined: the classic design of hands makes view more clear,
11 diamond hour markers manifest the lavish nature and the 3 o’clock date display window pleasing the life.

Crown inlaid with convex red ceramic and diamond

Renowned for its fine jewelry, Bvlgari always embedded the brilliant jewelry in the crown of each Lvcea work. The noble convex red ceramic demonstrates the bold and distinctive classic charm of Bvlgari design. In addition, there is a diamond is embedded in the ceramic crown symbolizing the charm of women from the inside out.

The bracelet is inspired by Bulgari’s classic Serpenti collection

A gorgeous balance between a powerful line and a round case

Every scale on the bracelet is polished

The bracelet of this replica Lvcea watch is inspired by Bulgari classic Serpenti series.
Scales on a winding bracelet replaced by polished metal that demonstrates architectural geometric aesthetics, and each watch chain is seamlessly connected together.

Extreme details highlight Bvlgari’s perfection    

In Bulgari’s classic style, the gorgeous balance between a powerful line and a round case can interpret the style of feature. These different elements are perfectly combined with lines and circles that just like the fascinating complex connotation of contemporary women – full of power, elegance, sex and energy.

Sum up:
This replica watch with the bold design and unique style of Bvlgari offers a impeccable appearance. Especially high quality craftsmanship that bring charm and fashion together for itself. This elf on the wrist demonstrates the feminine charm.


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