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The Price is Not The Key, Suitable is The King: Choose Your Own Watch


Watches are an important element for people to show their taste and temperament. Everyone should own a watch of their own. The price of abound with well-known watch brands is naturally very expensive making it difficult for ordinary people to accept. However, high price does not mean that it is suitable. You have to select a wonderful wrist watch that fits you, more significant, the appearance is good also. Now let’s share some of the ways to choose a watch and everyone can make a reference.

  • First, the choice of a watch actually requires you to choose according to your temperament. Tall and strong person should choose a large dial watch that is rough in the shape and style, and you can even have an alternative that looks like a military watch. For those who are smaller in size, they should choose smaller and thinner watches that may reflect the cute of themselves. Frankly speaking, general body type is easy to choose, occasional large dial watches can increase people’s tough momentum, and small size watches can look humble and introverted. Then combine your own skin color, style, and occasion to choose your own watch.
  • Second, we must decide according to our own specific work. For example, if your work environment is relatively dusty, then you must choose a dust-resist watch. While, If the working environment is relatively humid choosing a moisture-proof watch is necessary so that the watch you own can be used for a long time.

  • Mostly, buying a watch is not necessarily expensive, it is the best. In fact, all kinds of watches have different uses, each type of watch will fit a kind of crowd. Choosing your own economic situation is also a key to buying a watch. Such as the following Bvlgari B.Zero1 white dial watch. Even if it is a replica watch, it cannot stop the urge to choose it.

Surrounded by the diamonds bezel, the white dial with pure diamonds markers seems luxury. 25mm diameter dial suit my charm well. 165*6mm band length can match my wrist like a bracelet. Due the movement is Quartz(Battery) Kinetic, so i don’t need to operate the crown to adjust the time for several months. It is indeed a kind of welfare for lazy people.

Technique detail

Gender: Women
Movement: Quartz(Battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Diamonds
Dial color: White
Case diameter: 25mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 10mm
Bezel: Polished stainless steel bezel decorated with shining diamonds
Crown: Polished stainless steel push crown on the back
Back: Polished Stainless steel push back
Band color: Black
Band type:316L Stainless Steel
Band length: 165*6mm
Glows in The Dark: No

Watches vary from each person. According to personal preferences, prices to choose their own watches, not just the pursuit of the brand.

Bvlgari Classic Presentation: A Century of Film and Fashion


On June 19th, 2018, BVLGARI’s “Hundred Years of History: Bulgari, Film and Fashion” symposium opened in Shanghai China.
This year, Bvlgari and Shanghai International Film Festival have jointly launched the “Bvlgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Fun” display unit conveying Italian passion and fashion. Successful business or stars in various fields gathered to discuss the depth of the film and fashion, and explore the Italian style from the centuries-old classics.

The wonderful collision of movies and fashion

Italian classic movie “Roman Holiday”, I believe no one have no impressed. The never-fading Romance in the play is set in the gem of Bvlgari. In fact, Rome is also the birthplace of Bvlgari. In 1884, the founder of the brand, Sotirio Bulgari opened its first Bulgari jewelry store on 10 Condet Avenue. Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and other celebrities are guests here. Bvlgari has a deep feeling of love for it.

In this important moment, how can Bvlgari’s productions less? So we take one work of this brand to celebrate this international activity. This replica Bvlgari Diagono watch owns the classical style. For it is bright red simple enthusiasm and active fitting for the them of this move activity. Rose gold joined with diamonds bringing people to a noble world: luxury, fashion or a little sports that is the essential element for a gentleman.

There are different types markers on the white dial:Roman or diamonds, the combination enrich the space when plus three small dial at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock each. At 12 o’clock position, is planted the brand’s name. Even in a bad environment, the rose gold hands with luminous coating can offer a clear view.

Engraved with BVLGARI.BVLGARI logo around the bright red rubber bezel, the rose polished lugs seems modern and business.

The onion-shape crown with red rubber circle operates the watch in a comfortable way if necessary.

The same material as the bezel, the adjustable band can suit your wrist perfect by the simple rose buckle have logo of this brand on.

Stainless steel polygon push back is a special design that add the chic enjoyment.

Technique detail

Gender: Men
Movement: Quartz(Battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Diamonds
Dial color: White
Case diameter: 36mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 36L Steel
Case thickness: 11mm
Bezel: Round red rubber bezel engraved with Bvlgari on
Crown: Red gold plated crown protected with one red rubber circle, and two gold plated pushers on its both sides
Back: Stainless steel polygon push back
Band color: Red
Band type: Rubber
Band length: 200*21mm
Glows in The Dark: No

In the past 100 years, Bvlgari has closely interacted with movies and fashion affecting the aesthetics and brilliance of life in different eras. As an official partner of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Bvlgari will energetically promote the exchange and development of Sino-Italian film culture continuing the journey of film and fashion that witness and pass on the times.

Sports and Luxury: Bvlgari Diagono 101754 Ladies DGP40BGDVDCH/8 Replica Watch BV075


Decide on a very best quality replica watches will be able to enable people truly feel superior and simple to match with all diverse outfits but don’t have to invest far too much for this accessory. In fact, it is quite smart to have a fake watch with high-quality instead of offering a huge price to own a real luxury brand watch.

Maybe someone will be perplexed: why the luxury brand at a high price while the fake watch is almost quite cheap if they have the same material or quality. That is the point: the luxury model are always equipped with the simple types that is popular elements, the majority obtain value of the watch will not be far too higher.

Even the most essential vital component as motion is additionally not hard to make when compares with the substantial and concludes high-quality technique in Swiss watchmaking. Following all the basic timing features are no evidently change in the motion. Specially Swiss may be very designed in producing movement and watches, the motion from there will be pretty secure and sturdy.


So this replica Bvlgari Diagono 101754 Ladies watch will meet your need. The diamonds joins the rose gold reflects a luxury and sports experience.

Filled with diamonds rose gold markers and only a Roman timescale at 12 o’clock, 36mm diameter black strip dial matching the rose gold hands seems luxury and nobleness. The same color Bvlgari logo engraved under the 12 position as well as the SWISS MADE beside the location of 6. There are three small dials at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock each enriching the dial.

Rose gold buckle with the Bvlgari logo on is easy to operate in daily use. It is also engraved Bvlgari logo on the inner of the band and the case back.

Decorated with one black engraving circle on, the big rose gold plated crown at the middle of the other buttons at the left side of the watch.

Technique detail

Gender: Men
Movement: Quartz(Battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Diamonds
Dial color: Black
Case diameter: 36mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 36L Steel
Case thickness: 11mm
Bezel: Round black rubber bezel with one gola plated diamonds bezel in
Crown: Big gold plated crown decorated with one black engraving circle on
Back: Stainless steel push back
Band color: Black
Band type: Rubber
Band length: 200*21mm
Glows in The Dark: No

Recommended reason:

If you have strong recognized the “life is movement” point of view, then the design elements of Bvlgari in classic Diagono series will lead to the concept of “sports are also luxurious” making you refreshing. Yes, no one stipulates that diamonds are insulated from sports watches and not to mention the “sports spirit” behind watches.

Valentine’s Day, No Rose, Except the Bvlgari Rose Gold Replica Watch BV070


Eternity from constant purity and the most precious thing in the world is time. Let the “time” be closest to the pulse always reminding him or her of each other. When love comes, more and more people like to present their watches to each other. On Valentine’s Day in June, a Bvlgari rose gold replica watch can be a perfect partner. In the future, every minute and every second will never be abandoned.

This rose gold fake watch with the perfect balance of lines, the exquisite detail of Assioma’s watch is demonstrated. The mosaic diamonds reveals low-key charm and feminine femininity. Rectangle dial deduces classical elegance. White dial matches with the rose gold material markers and hands make the time reading clear. With precious materials, simple face plates, stainless steel and diamond materials, the watch is high-quality. When steel matches with the diamonds, it creates an elegant feminine style and preserves the elegance and dignity of this replica watch. Swiss 316L steel bracelet adds the power to the ladies in modern society and it can early meet the daily use.


Combining with the rose gold markers, the white dial with sunbeam seems simple and noble. Double Arabic between the sticks is a little cute. The BVLGARI logo under the 12 o’clock and “SWISS MADE” beside the 6 o’clock. Through the sapphire crystal watch mirror is able to offer a wide view. For its feature: high-quality and wear-resistance, the watch can be a long-list accessory of life. More significant, the rectangle shape of the watch is quite unique and eye-catching.

There are almost 30 diamonds at each side of the rose gold bezel in a neat column.
While on the other sides of the bezel engraved with BVLGARI logo enriching the bezel. And the streamline stretch from bezel to the bracelet.

Polished onion-shape crown is also rose gold operating time expediently.

The rose gold bracelet is made of Swiss 316L steel. When equipped with deployment buckle,this Bvlgari lady replica watch can stay on your wrist well.

Matte stainless steel screwed watch back is corking fitting the case to protect the movement.
Taken along the Quartz(battery) Kinetic, this clone watch provides a long power time without change the battery unless 2 years ago.

Technique detail

Gender: Women
Series: Assioma
Movement: Quartz(battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Arabic & Stick
Dial color: White
Case diameter: 20mm
Case shape: Rectangle
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 9mm
Bezel: Rectangle 18K rose gold plated bezel decorated with diamonds on its two sides
Crown: Small 18K rose gold plated crown
Back: Matte stainless steel screwed back
Band color: Rose gold
Band type: 36L Stainless Steel
Band length: 170*18mm

Sum up:
It is recognized that Assioma series is a masterpiece for refined style and pure lines. Rose gold with diamond style and 20mm diameter case proves “The more eternal, the more often it is simple and pure”. as Bvlgari is always the luxury brand in the watchmaking. So this Bvlgari rose gold replica watch will not disappoint you.

Clone watch, Copy Your Love: Bvlgari BVLGARI BVLGARI Series 101868 BB41BSSD Replica Watch


Stepping into the June, the Father’s Day is followed behind. For fathers who always give their children the love that is as great as the mountain, and surely you must have a lot words to tell him expressing your appreciate these years. Then we choose a precious gift to express your heart.
This fake Bulgari BVLGARI BVLGARI series 101868 BB41BSSD watch is undoubtedly a very cost-effective gift.

This replica watch owns the sapphire mirror that can provide a good visual enjoyment, and it can clearly show the watch’s time index even under the sun. The 41mm diameter dial in black contrasts with silver Roman & Sticker markers which is easy for reading. And the sword hour and minute hands are also made of the same material with the luminous paint offering a clear vision even in the dark environment.

The date display window is at 3 o’clock. Unlike the real products, the date of this replica is a little special:white background with black figures. The visual impact is stronger and the recognition is clear.

engraved with“BVLGARI∙BVLGARI”, the 10mm round dial in thick is made of the Swiss 36L Steel seeming luxury and modern.

The small onion-shaped polished crown adopts Swiss 36L Steel material that is convenient to operate the hands and the date window.

Streamline of the case extends to the lugs making it possible to show the balance between the power and fashion.

Swiss 36L Steel bracelet can offer the wrist a relaxed feeling, and the deployment buckle with push button make the daily wearing simple and swift.

Polished stainless steel snap back is able to keep the watch in a safe method. Combined with the quartz(battery) kinetic movement, this replica watch can work almost several months without wind it. But the service life of the battery is about only two years.

Technique detail

Gender: Men
No.: Bvlgari BB 41BSSD
Movement: Quartz(Battery) Kinetic
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Markers: Roman & Stick
Dial color: Black
Case diameter: 41mm
Case shape: Round
Case material: Swiss 36L Steel
Case thickness: 10mm
Bezel: Round matte stainless steel bezel engraved with Bvlgari on
Crown: Small onion-shaped polished Stainless Steel flat crown
Back: Polished stainless steel snap back
Band color: Silver
Band type: 36L Stainless Steel
Band length: 195*20mm

Watch Reviews

Attractive and textured silver stainless steel shell is convenient and practical.
Followed the consistent branding style of Bvlgari, the whole body exudes the breath of a powerful man. The whole sliver body making the watch with a casual or formal dress is more adequate. The simple black dial features a unique design at times 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Silver markers and hands highlight luxurious style of this fake watch. The date display window at 3 o’clock tells you that the watch not only has the function of travel time. Silver stainless steel strap is comfortable for daily wearing.
A person who likes a versatile style but has limited funds can consider this replica watch that is fashion and noble.

Spirit Snake Change:Fake Bvlgari Serpenti Series SPP35C14GDG.1T Watch


There are so many gorgeous jewels, why everyone likes Bvlgari snake-shaped watches? Snakes symbolize wildness and charm. If you wear other jewels to highlight the charm and femininity of women, however, the choice of Bulgari Serpentine is to demonstrate its extraordinary taste and powerful aura. This replica watch perfectly illustrates the glamour and fashion of the Bvlgari series, demonstrating the freedom and personality of urban women.

The 18-ct pink gold case is similar to the shape of a snake-head, and silhouette of the snake head is set with 38 diamonds on both sides.

Black goose opal dial with a fine enamel pattern with 18-ct pink gold Roman & Stick scale and 18-ct pink gold hands is very charming with a gorgeous and elegant atmosphere.

This series using classic color is very personal and refined. 18-ct pink gold bracelet adopts Tubogas process. Smooth winding Swiss 316L Steel strip, like snake-like smart, graceful, and is full of temptation charm.

The polished crown is decorated with a convex egg face cut amethyst and gorgeous and elegant temperament is coming with the owner.

Basic Information
No: 101815 SPP35BGDG.1T
Series:Serpenti Tubogas series
Movement: Quartz (Battery) kinetic
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Dial color: Black
Case Diameter: 23mm
Case Shape: Snake head shaped
Case Material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case Thickness: 10mm
Bezel: Snake head shaped 18-ct pink gold plated fixed bezel inset with diamonds
Crown: polished stainless steel crown domed with one amethyst
Back: 18-ct pink gold plated screw down watch back
Band color: Rose Gold
Band type: 316L Stainless Steel
Band length: 225*13mm

Watch Comments:
This fake Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch is inspired by the watches of the 1970s.
The watch link bracelet is made of 18-ct pink gold and Swiss 316L stainless steel material through the Tubogas process. It not only has extraordinary visual experience, but also improves the wearing comfort. At the same time, the fine processing technology also fully demonstrates the excellent watchmaking skills of Bvlgari.

35 mm curved watch case is made of Swiss 316L stainless steel, and the bezel is made of luxurious 18-ct pink gold. And in the pear-shaped bezel on both sides of the installation of 38 gorgeous diamonds is to show the luxury and elegant temperament of the ladies’ watch. The black dial with a sunburst pattern is elegant. The 18-ct pink gold Roman and stick hour markers are even more chic. Every detail of the watch represents the exquisite watchmaking skills of the brand, such as snake-like lines, vivid and realistic, showing the mystical magic. Inside the watch is a Quartz (Battery) kinetic movement, which is very accurateness and quite economical.

It is infinitely possible to represent the constant rebirth of the spiritual snake.
This replica Bvlgari Serpenti watch follows the signature qualities of the family, and Serpenti series provides a variety of ways to wear, illusions respect individual style.

Waiting for the Beauty of Time:Replica Bulgari LVCEA Series Watch BV043


The light is an intangible thing, however, it is able to bring hope and sustenance to people. As a famous Italian watch brand, BVLGARI transforms this magical light into wrist art. Searching for the inspiration from nature, this replica watch sets off the feminine beauty. This fake watch of Lvcea series records the flow of time taking a simple method.

Every lady has a noble heart and is adept in discovering the soul of beauty. Nevertheless, the Bvlgari is just about combining the Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance, and artistic inspiration so as to create a unique style. It is also true that the Lvcea wrist show turns into a woman’s wrist elf, swaying romantically between gestures.

White dial with diamond hour markets brilliants colors
The watch is designed with a round case and a light base. Combining a series of light with unique style, this replica LVCEA watch in the soft beauty highlights the unique personality charm.

Swiss 316L Steel Case,18-ct pink gold bezel

Continuing the beautiful legends of Bvlgari, Lvcea series makes the classics eternal.  With the rotation of the wrist, 33 mm diameter Swiss 316L steel case containing the time flow shines with the rotation of the wrist. The elegant lines of the case and the creation of two different materials make the fake watch excyde elegant and noble temperament.

11diamond markers and 18-ct Pink Gold Hands

Clean white dial refracts the natural luster. The silky surface is like flowing silk reflecting a elegant and moving experience.
Dial design is simple and refined: the classic design of hands makes view more clear,
11 diamond hour markers manifest the lavish nature and the 3 o’clock date display window pleasing the life.

Crown inlaid with convex red ceramic and diamond

Renowned for its fine jewelry, Bvlgari always embedded the brilliant jewelry in the crown of each Lvcea work. The noble convex red ceramic demonstrates the bold and distinctive classic charm of Bvlgari design. In addition, there is a diamond is embedded in the ceramic crown symbolizing the charm of women from the inside out.

The bracelet is inspired by Bulgari’s classic Serpenti collection

A gorgeous balance between a powerful line and a round case

Every scale on the bracelet is polished

The bracelet of this replica Lvcea watch is inspired by Bulgari classic Serpenti series.
Scales on a winding bracelet replaced by polished metal that demonstrates architectural geometric aesthetics, and each watch chain is seamlessly connected together.

Extreme details highlight Bvlgari’s perfection    

In Bulgari’s classic style, the gorgeous balance between a powerful line and a round case can interpret the style of feature. These different elements are perfectly combined with lines and circles that just like the fascinating complex connotation of contemporary women – full of power, elegance, sex and energy.

Sum up:
This replica watch with the bold design and unique style of Bvlgari offers a impeccable appearance. Especially high quality craftsmanship that bring charm and fashion together for itself. This elf on the wrist demonstrates the feminine charm.

Love in the Wrist,The fake watch BZ22C6HSS/2 is also the Heart’s Choice


Today, wristwatches are not only the timekeeping tools for women, but also as a wrist accessory to show their taste and charm. So, it is worth to recommend this classic Bvlgari B.ZERO1 series replica watch. What’s more, it is also a fashion watch combining with beauty and fashion design. Engraved with Bulgari English logo, B.ZERO1 series watch with exquisite 28mm diameter dial and Swiss 316L Steel is full of design sense. Under the cover of the sapphire crystal mirror, the stylish silver painted dial with 3 brilliant diamond hearts owns a quite clear and bright view. And it is able to demonstrate the eternal charm of women well. The delicate willow leaflet adds a unique dimension to the watch. Polished stainless steel strip gives the modern women a graceful and skilful style.

Bvlgari B.Zero1 Ladies BZ22C6HSS/2 Silver 3 Diamonds Hearts Pattern Watch is a noble work that take advantage unique elements from three modern style of Bvlgari B.ZERO1 series: BZ22SS, BZ22C2SRL and BZ35WHDSL/2. Silver steel band, three diamonds hearts dial and diamonds bezel that make the watch as a wonderful production.

This Bvlgari B.ZERO1 series replica watch uses an economical and practical quartz movement. Driven by a battery, the quartz crystal oscillates to generate energy, enabling it to operate. Due to the vibration of quartz crystal is very stable frequency, the error of quartz movement is also relatively tiny. And this is also the mechanical watch can not exceed. However, the total power will be exhausted after several months. Frankly, it is usually necessary to replace the battery within 1-2 years. While this is enough for ladies. Therefore, buying a quartz watch is an ideal choice. Thanks to the small movement, it gives a lot of space to the watch design for playing tricks, and it’s not difficult to create a petite style.

In addition, women have a small amount of exercise, and always forget to wind up after take off it, so it is also the reason why not to choose a mechanical watch.
More significantly, there is more room for price choice.
Appearance is also one of the most important considerations for girls.
Maybe it should be attributed to aesthetic issues
This Bvlgari B.ZERO1 series replica watch with stylish elements and exquisite design, will meet your different needs.

Watch Detail
Quality Level:Japanese Miyota
Movement:Quartz (No Chrono)
Functions:Hours-Minutes, Jewelry
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Case Shape:Round
Case Material:Swiss 316L Steel
Case Color: Silver
Bracelet:Polished stainless Steel
Dial Color:Mother-of-Pearl
Markers: Nothing
Size: 28MM
Range of Size: 26–30 MM
Thickness: 10MM
Accessories: Normal Box Packaged

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